Makasia Baisden is a UK based artist photographer.
She enjoys bringing her artistic, experimental and personable process to her work.
Fine art being her introductory and first passion in the creative world, her practice focuses on capturing identity through expression by documenting people as well as herself.
Being heavily influenced by the various mediums in the arts, she creates conceptual bodies of work that explores identity and the niche areas surrounding individual life experiences.
“My photographic practice is mostly engaged in portraiture where I am particularly interested in identity through expression.”
Visually she uses distinct approaches during post-production that derives from the fine arts, such as paintings from different eras, to create unique imagery and showcase identity in abstract ways.
Guts Gallery Online Exhibition: Kate Nash’s Freedom Charity Event, 2023.
AOP Student Awards 2023, Photo Series Finalist.
Self-Portrait, 2022 © 
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